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Updated 05-09-15
All of the Italian photos that were on are now moved to this domain. That leaves no more photos on that website that are not on the site. Italian photo names have been renamed to include more information.

Japanese Zero photographs have been renamed to include more data as well. Next, the rest of the Japanese Navy aircraft photos will have some names changes and then on to Japanese Army.

At the end of the name changes, new Japanese photos shall be added.

Updated 04-21-15
All of the German photos that were on are now moved to this domain. is still directed to the old site,but that will be corrected soon. Hundreds of the german pictures (especially 109s and 110s) have been renamed to include more information, such as group ID, Stkz ID, WrkNumbers, etc.

Next we will move the Italian aircraft and then will be eventually removed.

Updated 03-28-15 is going back to a single domain for all aircraft photographs. There is a new server now that has a lot fewer users on it. There will be a dedicated IP address and a SSL certificate soon. The new file limit will be 200,000 will allow a very large future for this website. The limits were about maxed out if the latest photos were all added. These photos will now be added in the near future. There will be approximately the following number of additions:
16,219 German
3,837 Italian
1,321 French
7,412 Japanese
586 Polish
4,504 Russian
33,879 Total

Sorry this has taken so long, but the decision about the future of the site had to be accomplished first. There WILL be progress now.

Updated 05-24-13 Added 137 Me-109 photos. Will add 300+ more soon.
Updated 04-09-13 Added 378 Me-110 photos. Will add 950+ more soon.

Updated 03-14-13 Added 434 Me-109 photos. Done w/ Me-109, Me-110 next.
Updated 03-08-13 Added 301 Me-109 photos. 400+ to go.
Updated 03-05-13 Added 63 Me-109 photos.
Updated 03-04-13 Added 227 Me-109 photos. Re-arranged Me-109 photos to 30/page because I will be adding another 750+ and I don't want > 100 pages. Updated 12-01-12 Moved German and Italian photos to a new account/server because main account ran out of file room. Now, there is a LOT of room for more photos. There are about 1,100 French, 8,800 German, 3,000 Italian, 2,500 Japanese Army, 3,700 Japanese Nayy, 500 Polish, and 3,800 Russian Photos to add. Also, deleted duplicate photos found in archive and grouped photos of different sizes that were not together before. Done with housecleaning. Now to additions only for next few months.

Updated 07-11-12 Added 61 Me-109. About 455 more to go.
Updated 07-10-12 Added 191 Me-109. About 516 more to go.
Updated 04-22-12 Added 148 Me-109. About 510 to go.
Updated 04-19-12 Added 234 Me-109. About 660 to go.
Updated 04-15-12 Added 116 Me-109. About 900 to go.
Updated 04-14-12 Added 68 Me-109. Will start adding 1,000+ more.
Fixed Japanese and Russian photos to group like photos.
Updated 03-07-12 Added 1 Ha-1112 photo and 292 Me-109 photos. Another 900+ Me-109s to go.
Updated 03-01-12 Added 269 Me-109 photos. Another 1250 to go, then on to Me-110.

Updated 12-23-11 Added 9 Ju-89, 83 Ju-90, and 85 Me-108 Photos. Next 1,000+ Me-109.
Updated 12-19-11 Added 637 Ju-88 Photos.
Updated 11-16-11 Whew!! Added 760 Ju-87 Photos. About the same # of Ju-88 to come next.
Updated 09-29-11 Added large photos instead of shrunken photos for Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force. The photos with the "NEW" graphic in front of them have been replaced with a 20% to 2x or more size photograph.
Updated 09-26-11 Added 96 Ju-86.
Updated 09-22-11 Added 164 Ju-52.
Updated 07-03-11 Added 52 Ju-188, 13 Ju-252, 30 Ju-287, 15 Ju-288, 52 Ju-290, 14 Ju-352, 34 Ju-388, & 19 Ju-390 Photos.

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WWII Japanese,German,Russian,Italian & French Aircraft Photos

Museum/AirShow Aircraft Index

Museum and Air Show Photos

Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, Japan - July '06

Anoka-Blaine Airport Bomber Days, Anoka, Minnesota - July '05

Museo dell' Aeronautica Gianni Caproni, Trento, Italy - May '05

National Science and Technology Museum, Milan, Italy - May '05

Museo Storico dellí Aeronautica Militare Italiana, Vigna di Valle, Italy - April '05

Chiran Peace Museum, Kagoshima, Japan - August '04

Air Expo 2004 Air Show, Eden Prairie, Minnesota - July '04

Photo Essay by Colin Owers of Zero V-173 - June '03

us50.gif german_cross.gif
Commerative Air Force, Mesa, Arizona - April '03

us50.gif gb.gif german_cross.gif jp.gif
Champlain Air Museum, Phoenix, Arizona - April '03

Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, Japan - January '03

jp.gif us50.gif
Mr. Harada's Lake Kawaguchi Air Park - August '02

Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, Japan - August '02

us50.gif gb.gif german_cross.gif jp.gif
Planes of Fame Museum, Chino, CA - December '99 & February '02

us50.gif gb.gif german_cross.gif jp.gif su.gif
Museum of Flying, Santa Monica, CA - December '99 & February '02

jp.gif us50.gif
Hamamatsu Air Base - January '02

jp.gif us50.gif
Mr. Harada's Lake Kawaguchi Air Park - August '01

us50.gif gb.gif jp.gif it.gif german_cross.gif
National Air & Space Museum - July '01

Museum of Maritime Science, Tokyo, Japan - March '01

us50.gif su.gif
Lone Star Flight Museum - Galveston, Texas - March '01

us50.gif gb.gif jp.gif german_cross.gif su.gif
San Diego AeroSpace Museum - August & Sept '99 & Feb '01

Zero Park, Shirahama, Japan - December '00

us50.gif fr.gif gb.gif german_cross.gif nl.gif
Amsterdam Schipol Airport Museum - Aviadome, Amsterdam, Netherlands - October '00

us50.gif german_cross.gif au.gif su.gif
Fleming Fly2K Air Show, St. Paul, Minnesota - August '00

Air Expo 2000 Air Show, Eden Prairie, Minnesota - July '00

Nagoya Airport & Kakamigahara Museums, Nagoya, Japan - April '00

Yasukuni Shrine & Museum of Maritime Science, Tokyo, Japan - June '00

Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, Japan - April '00

us50.gif gb.gif jp.gif german_cross.gif
Auckland Domain Museum & Museum of Transportation - February '00


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